1. material-design-dimens Default colors and dimens per Material Design guidelines and Android Design guidelines inside one library.
  2. MaterialDesignLibrary This is a library with components of Android L to you use in android 4.0
  3. Carbon Material Design implementation for Android 2.1+. Realtime shadows, ripples, animations, SVGs and more.
  4. MaterialEverywhere Showcase of the new AppCompat 21, which includes new Material Theme, working in pre-21 devices.
  5. MaterialTabs Custom Tabs with Material Design effects. It requires 14+ API and android support v7 (Toolbar)
  6. material-ripple Android L Ripple effect wrapper for Views
  7. RippleEffect Implementation of Ripple effect from Material Design for Android API 14+
  8. LDrawer Android drawer icon with material design animation
  9. material-design-icons Material Design icons by Google
  10. AndroidMaterialDesignToolbar Android Sample Project with Material Design and Toolbar. PROJECT IS NOT SUPPORTED!
  11. MaterialEditText EditText in Material Design
  12. material-menu Morphing Android menu, back, dismiss and check buttons
  13. material-dialogs Not even AppCompat uses Material theming for AlertDialogs on pre-Lollipop. This is a beautiful and easy solution.
  14. MaterialNavigationDrawer Navigation Drawer Activity with material design style and simplified methods
  15. MaterialDialog An Android library for conveniently building Material Design Dialog in Android version 2.2 ~ L.
  16. materialish-progress A material style progress wheel compatible with 2.3
  17. MaterialList An Android library aimed to get the beautiful CardViews that Google shows at its official design specifications
  18. android-floating-action-button Floating Action Button for Android based on Material Design specification
  19. Android-Material-circular-button Animated Material circular button
  20. material-drawer DrawerLayout implementation for Material design apps
  21. snackbar Snackbar Android Library
  22. Android-DialogFragments Various DialogFragments for Android.
  23. material-range-bar Android widget for selecting a range of values.
  24. CircularProgressView A Material style circular progress bar for Android
  25. RippleDrawable A port of Ripple Effect from Android L to non L devices
  26. MaterialDrawer A simple take on creating a easy to use and fast material drawer implementation
  27. android-materialshadowninepatch Provides 9-patch based drop shadow for view elements. Works on API level 9 or later.
  28. SearchMenuAnim SearchMenuAnim
  29. AdvancedMaterialDrawer A Material Drawer implementation (Like gMail App)
  30. ZDepthShadowLayout Android - draw z-depth shadow of MaterialDesign
  31. MaterialPowerMenu A demo of the power menu with Reveal and other animations
  32. MaterialViewPager A Material Design ViewPager easy to use library
  33. MaterialProgressBar A Material design ProgressBar with consistent appearance on Android 4.0+
  34. uberprogressview An android progress view developed after taking inspiration from Uber app.
  35. MaterialRatingBar Material Design RatingBar with better appearance.
  36. youtube-play-icon Material styled morphing play/pause drawable.


  1. android-ui Android UI library. Requires API level 14+
  2. GreenDroid GreenDroid is a development library for the Android platform. It makes UI developments easier and consistent through your applications.
  3. FlatUI CengaLabs - Android FlatUI Kit
  4. EffectiveAndroidUI Sample project created to show some of the best Android practices to work in the Android UI Layer. The UI layer of this project has been implemented using MVP or MVVM (without binding engine) to show how this patterns works. This project is used during the talk "EffectiveAndroidUI".
  5. ParallaxEverywhere Parallax everywhere is a library with alternative android widgets with parallax effects.
  6. ShowcaseView Highlight the best bits of your app to users quickly, simply, and
  7. Spotlight Android Library that lights items for tutorials or walk-throughs etc...


  1. html-textview TextView to display simple HTML content
  2. SlantedTextView Android slanted TextView . 一个倾斜的TextView,适用于标签效果。
  3. ReadMoreTextView A Custom TextView with trim text
  4. MaskFormatter MaskFormatter adds mask functionality to your EditText. It will prevent user from inserting not allowed signs, and format input as well.
  5. AnimatedEditText Androids EditText that animates the typed text.
  6. passwordview A Material Android password view that toggles password visibility via an eye icon.
  7. PasswordEditText A simple extension to the standard Android EditText which shows an icon on the right side of the field and lets the user toggle the visibility of the password he puts in.
  8. HTextView Animation effects to TextView
  9. icarus-android Rich text editor for Android with full features.
  10. richeditor-android RichEditor for Android is a beautiful Rich Text WYSIWYG Editor for Android.
  11. Shimmer-android An Android TextView with a shimmering effect
  12. Titanic Android experiment showing a sinking TextView
  13. emojicon A library to show emoji in TextView, EditText (like WhatsApp) for Android
  14. android-autofittextview A TextView that automatically resizes text to fit perfectly within its bounds.
  15. AutoFitTextView A TextView that automatically fit its font and line count based on its available size and content
  16. Android-RobotoTextView Implementation of a TextView and all its direct/indirect subclasses with native support for the Roboto fonts, includes the brand new Roboto Slab fonts.
  17. SizeAdjustingTextView This is based on an open source autosizing textview for Android.
  18. SecretTextView A TextView that simulates the effect from the app Secret where the characters fade in/out at different speeds.
  19. anytextview An extension of Android's TextView and EditText that let's you use the font of your choice
  20. android-formidable-validation Form validation and feedback library for Android. Provides .setText for more than just TextView and EditText widgets. Provides easy means to validate with dependencies.
  21. android-edittext-validator Android form edit text is an extension of EditText that brings data validation facilities to the edittext.
  22. chips-edittext-library Chips EditText, Token EditText, Bubble EditText, Spannable EditText and etc.. There are many names of this control. Here I develop easy to understand , modify and integrate Chips Edit Text widget for Android
  23. FloatingLabel FloatingLabel Allows you to create a blow kind of EditText.
  24. AndroidFloatLabel Float Label Edit Texts for Android
  25. AndroidFloatLabel Library project with a custom view that implements the Float Label pattern
  26. TokenAutoComplete Gmail style MultiAutoCompleteTextView for Android
  27. TextJustify-Android Android Text Full Jusiftication / Wrapping / Justify
  28. RoundedLetterView RoundedLetterView like the one in Android 5.0 Contacts app
  29. Android-SingleInputForm A single EditText instead of a classical form. Library that implements flavienlaurent's singleinputform
  30. BabushkaText A simpler way to style your TextViews
  31. MatchView Include MatchTextView and will like it
  32. ExpandableTextView Android's TextView that can expand/collapse like the Google Play's app description
  33. AccountAutoCompleteEditText Simple extension for account suggestion and auto completion.
  34. AwesomeText A tool that facilitates working with Spans on TextViews or any extension of them (EditTexts, Buttons...).
  35. WaitingDots Small library that provides... bouncing dots. This feature is used in number of messaging apps (such as Hangouts or Messenger), and lately in Android TV (for example when connecting to Wifi).
  36. CurrencyEditText A module designed to provide ease-of-use when using an EditText field for gathering currency information from a user
  37. Android-Typeahead Awesome Android Typeahead library - User mention plugin, UI widget for auto complete user mention using the at sign (@) like Twitter or Facebook..
  38. CircleTimerView Circle timer on Android platform
  39. AlignTextView 字体对齐的textview
  40. advanced-textview Advanced Android TextView
  41. ParkedTextView A editable text with a constant text/placeholder for Android.
  42. SimpleLinkableText Simple way to create linked text, such as @username or #hashtag, in Android TextView and EditText.
  43. material-code-input A material style input for codes
  44. BubbleTextView Android Bubble View
  45. PathEffectTextView PathEffectTextView
  46. AutosizeEditText AutosizeEditText for Android is an extension of native EditText that offer a smooth auto scale text size.
  47. TextSurface A little animation framework which could help you to show message in a nice looking way.
  48. EmailAutoCompleteTextView An AutoCompleteTextView with builtin Adapter with the emails in the device. It handles Android Marshmallow Runtime Permissions automatically.
  49. TextViewForFullHtml TextViewForFullHtml是对原生TextView解析Html格式文本的增强。
  50. PlacesAutocompleteTextView A TextView for autocompleting addresses using the Google Maps Places API
  51. BiuEditText biu,biu,一个有趣的EditText
  52. AnimTextView AnimTextView
  53. Masked-Edittext Android library contain custom realisation of EditText component for masking and formatting input text
  54. KerningViews Provides a set of views which allows to adjust the spacing between the characters in the text of that view, also known as Kerning effect.
  55. SectionedRecyclerViewAdapter An Adapter that allows a RecyclerView to be split into Sections with headers and/or footers. Each Section can have its state(Loading/Loaded/Failed) controlled individually.
  56. android-ago An Android TextView that always displays an auto refreshing relative time span with respect to a reference time
  57. SuperTextView a super textview for android
  58. input-mask-android The library allows to format user input on the fly according to the provided mask and to extract valueable characters.
  59. NumberAnimTextView 数字增加动画的 TextView
  60. PinchZoomTextView A TextView library that allows the user to increase/decrease font size with a two finger gesture by the user.
  61. html-builder Build valid HTML for Android TextView
  62. AvatarLabelView 一个可配置的迷你版轻量级 Label 辅助类,支持多种配置效果。
  63. LogcatTextView A simple view to see logcat in your app
  64. MarqueeViewLibrary 一个帮您快速实现跑马灯效果的library
  65. FadingTextView A textview that changes its content automatically every few seconds
  66. WaitingDots Small library that provides... bouncing dots
  67. CodeView Android Code Highlighter
  68. SlantedTextView Android slanted TextView


  1. FrescoImageViewer Android full screen image viewer for Fresco library supporting "pinch to zoom" and "swipe to dismiss" gestures
  2. AndroidGradientImageView AndroidGradientImageView is a simple imageview which overlays gradient on its content.
  3. subsampling-scale-image-view Highly configurable, easily extendable view with pan and zoom gestures for displaying huge images without loss of detail. Perfect for photo galleries, maps, building plans etc.
  4. BadgedImageview BadgedImageview allow you show a badge into a Imageview.
  5. PhotoView Implementation of ImageView for Android that supports zooming, by various touch gestures.
  6. PhotoView图片浏览缩放控件
  7. android-smart-image-view Android ImageView replacement which allows image loading from URLs or contact address book, with caching
  8. TouchImageView Adds touch functionality to Android ImageView.
  9. CircleImageView A fast circular ImageView perfect for profile images.
  10. gesture-imageview This is a simple Android View class which provides basic pinch and zoom capability for images.
  11. android-shape-imageview Custom shaped android imageview components
  12. AndroidImageCrop How select and crop image on Android
  13. GifImageView Android ImageView that handles animated GIF images
  14. cropper Android widget for cropping and rotating an image.
  15. ImageViewZoom Android ImageView widget with zoom and pan capabilities
  16. CircularImageView Custom view for circular images in Android while maintaining the best draw performance
  17. CircularImageView Create circular image view in android
  18. android-crop Android library project for cropping images
  19. cropimage Replacement for deprecated official Android crop image function
  20. android-cropimageCropImage Activity from Gallery.apk packaged as a reusable Android library (4.0 and up).
  21. android-gpuimage Android filters based on OpenGL (idea from GPUImage for iOS)
  22. gif-movie-view Android View widget for displaying GIF animations.
  23. WaveDrawable Drawable animation inspired by Tinder.
  24. DrawerArrowDrawable Visual back-port of the rotating drawer-to-arrow drawable from Android L
  25. TextDrawable This light-weight library provides images with letter/text like the Gmail app. It extends the Drawable class thus can be used with existing/custom/network ImageView classes. Also included is a fluent interface for creating drawables and a customizable ColorGenerator.
  26. SelectableRoundedImageView Android ImageView that supports different radiuses on each corner. It also supports oval(and circle) shape and border. This would be especially useful for using inside CardView which should be rounded only top left and top right corners(Don't forget to call setPreventCornerOverlap(false) on your cardview).
  27. avatar-android Rounded and Squared Avatar for Android Applications
  28. ByakuGallery ByakuGallery is an open source Android library that allows the visualization of large images with gesture capabilities. This lib is based on AOSP Camera2.
  29. DexMovingImageView DMIV aims to provide a flexible and customizable instrument for automated images moving on display. It provides scroll, gyroscope or time based moving. But you can create your own evaluator.
  30. SimpleTagImageView ImageView with a tag in android. So it's a ImageView.
  31. CropImageView Widget allows you crop from whatever side in an ImageView. Currently Android only supports centerCrop type of cropping
  32. MovingImageView Custom ImageView for moving image around the screen (Android)
  33. PolygonImageView Custom ImageView for android with polygon shape (Android)
  34. BitmapMerger Play with bitmaps
  35. FlickableView Flickable ImageView for Android. It's like a view of twitter's detail image.
  36. ImageGallery A gallery used to host an array of images
  37. GestureViews ImageView and FrameLayout with gestures control and position animation.
  38. MusicCoverView ImageView that 'morphs' into a circle shape and can rotates. Useful to be used as album cover in Music apps.
  39. BigImageViewer Big image viewer supporting pan and zoom, with very little memory usage and full featured image loading choices. Powered by Subsampling Scale Image View, Fresco, Glide, and Picasso.
  40. Crescento Android library that adds a curve at the below of image views and relative layouts. CrescentoImageView and CrescentoContainer are the image view and relative layout respectively. You can change the radius of curve with attribute:curvature.
  41. CaptchaImageView Custom ImageView to generate captcha image.
  42. DragPhotoView A photoView to scale image and finish activity,高仿微信可拖拽返回PhotoView
  43. ViewEffects Apply custom effects on view backgrounds


  1. circular-progress-button Android Circular Progress Button
  2. android-process-button Android Buttons With Built-in Progress Meters.
  3. android-circlebutton Circle button widget for Android
  4. android-flat-button FButton - a flat button library for Android
  5. FloatingActionButton Android Google+ like floating action button
  6. ExpandableButtonMenu An Android library for an expandable button menu
  7. fancybuttons An Android library to easily create fancy buttons without the need of drawable files.
  8. Android-Bootstrap Bootstrap style buttons with Font Awesome
  9. SwitchButton SwitchButton
  10. SwitchButton SwitchButton
  11. ToggleButton ToggleButton Widget For Android Dev
  12. FabButton Android Floating ActionButton with a progress indicator ring
  13. SlideSwitch A button that you can slide on or off
  14. easyloadingbtn This is a Material Design loading button
  15. hkm-progress-button Base on android-process-button this is the advanced version of the android-process-button.
  16. SubmitDemo comtomize view submit button which you use for submit operation or download operation and so on.
  17. PlayPauseButton PlayPauseButton
  18. ArrowDownloadButton A download button with pretty cool animation
  19. FABProgressCircle Material progress circle around any FloatingActionButton. 100% Guidelines.
  20. ShineButton This is a UI lib for Android. Effects like shining.
  21. RaiflatButton A raised button that lowers down to 0dp of elevation
  22. AnimShopButton A shopping cart button with a telescopic displacement rotation animation ...一个带伸缩位移旋转动画的购物车按钮
  23. Android-SwitchIcon Google launcher-style implementation of switch (enable/disable) icon
  24. iOS-SwitchView A lightweight iOS switch view style for Android


  1. AnimCheckBox AnimCheckBox

Progressbar/Progress View

  1. AwesomeProgressbar 支持左右两边同时滚动的进度条
  2. BounceLoadingView 模仿饿了么加载效果
  3. GradeProgressView a progress view used to grade mobiles phone
  4. SmileyLoadingView A custom loading view, just like alipay
  5. RingProgress a circle progress bar with effect
  6. SlackLoadingView Imitate Slack loading animation.
  7. LoadingView a simple lodingview for android with animation
  8. BezierLoadingView A cool loading view with Bezier and a smooth circular motion
  9. CircleProgressBar A circular android ProgressBar library which extends ProgressBar, It has both solid and line two styles. Besides, progress value can be freely customized.
  10. ArcProgressStackView Present your progress bars in arc mode with information and total control.
  11. ArcProgressStackView Present your progress bars in arc mode with information and total control.
  12. KProgressHUD An implement of ProgressHUD for Android, similar to MBProgressHUD, SVProgressHUD for iOS.
  13. SmoothProgressBar A small Android library allowing you to have a smooth and customizable horizontal indeterminate ProgressBar
  14. ACProgressLite A lightweight Android library to display customizable progressbar like iOS MBProgressHUD.
  15. NumberProgressBar A beautiful, slim Android ProgressBar.
  16. android-HoloCircularProgressBar Holo Circular ProgressBar
  17. android-square-progressbar An android library to display a progressbar that goes around an image.
  18. ProgressPieView Android library for showing progress in a highly customizable pie.
  19. GoogleProgressBar Android library to display progress like google does in some of his services.
  20. ProgressWheel A progress wheel for android, intended for use instead of the standard progress bar.
  21. RefreshActionItem Android - An action bar item which acts both as a refresh button and as a progress indicator
  22. CircleProgress CircleProgress, DonutProgress, ArcProgress
  23. WaveView A wave view of android,can be used as progress bar.
  24. WaveView waveview for android
  25. water-wave-progress 水波按进度上升,带环形进度条
  26. InfiniteIndicator This lib can be used for viewpager infinite loop with indicator easily.
  27. Android-RoundCornerProgressBar Round Corner Progress Bar Library for Android
  28. CircleProgress A circle progress animation view on Android
  29. MaterialLoadingProgressBar MaterialLoadingProgressBar provide a styled ProgressBar which looks like SwipeRefreshLayout's loading indicator(support-v4 v21+)
  30. WheelIndicatorView A 'Google Fit' like activity indicator for Android
  31. MaterialProgressBar Material design ProgressBar with consistent appearance
  32. RopeProgressBar Android ProgressBar that "bends" under its own weight. Inspired by
  33. DownloadProgressBar Android progress bar with cool animation, inspired by :
  34. AnimatedCircleLoadingView An animated circle loading view
  35. SpinnerLoader A loader that measures up Material Design
  36. AndroidFillableLoaders Android fillable progress view working with SVG paths. This is a nice option too if you want to create an interesting branding logo for your app. Based on the iOS project:
  37. WhorlView Progressbar with whorl style
  38. ColoringLoading This project provide Coloring Loading View for Android. And this project is not using the image file!
  39. RubberIndicator A rubber indicator for ViewPager
  40. TaoBaoProgressBar 一个模仿淘宝秒杀商品页面的进度条
  41. AVLoadingIndicatorView AVLoadingIndicatorView is a collection of nice loading animations for Android.
  42. MaskProgressView Yet another android custom progress view for your music player
  43. DelayedProgress ProgressDialog that waits a minimum time to be dismissed before showing. Once visible, the ProgressDialog will be visible for a minimum amount of time to avoid "flashes" in the UI.
  44. circular-slider-android Circular Slider is a custom-built Android View used for choosing numbers. It works similarly to the regular slider control (SeekBar), just goes around in a circular fashion - simple enough. Note that the thumb scroller (the thing you drag around) can be either a solid-color circle or a custom drawable (like a PNG image).
  45. Loading Progress A highly configurable library to do loading progress with animated balls
  46. Dilating Dots Progress Bar An animated progress indicator
  47. ColorArcProgressBar A customizable circular progressbar, which can achieve the effect of the QQ health's arc progress and dashboard.
  48. SunBaby 萌萌哒太阳宝宝主题的LoadingView
  49. AndroidSpinKit android 加载动画合集
  50. GifLoadingView GifLoadingView
  51. LoadingDrawable some android loading drawable, can be combined with any View as the loading View and Progressbar, and is especially suitable for the loading animation of the RecyclerRefreshLayout.
  52. LikeSinaSportProgress 仿新浪体育客户端的进度条
  53. SquareLoading A square animated loader.
  54. StateProgressBar Android library to realize the various states and transitions in a ProgressBar.
  55. GALeafLoading The project implements the following animation
  56. GADownloading GADownloading
  57. GABottleLoading Bezier storm(贝塞尔风暴)
  1. Space-Navigation-View Space Navigation is a library allowing easily integrate fully customizable Google Spaces like navigation to your app.
  2. LuseenBottomNavigation BottomNavigationView Designed according Google guideLine
  3. Material-BottomNavigation BottomNavigation component inspired by the Google Material Design Guidelines
  4. BoomMenu A menu which can ... BOOM!
  5. SlidingMenu SlidingMenu is an Open Source Android library that allows developers to easily create applications with sliding menus like those made popular in the Google+, YouTube, and Facebook apps. Feel free to use it all you want in your Android apps provided that you cite this project and include the license in your app.
  6. android-menudrawer A slide-out menu implementation, which allows users to navigate between views in your app.
  7. ArcMenu An android custom view which looks like the menu in Path 2.0 (for iOS).
  8. RibbonMenu Navigation menu for Android (based off Google+ app)
  9. CircularFloatingActionMenu an animated circular menu for Android
  10. ActionsContentView ActionsContentView is an standalone library implements actions/content swiping view (AKA Side Navigation UI Pattern, AKA Facebook side menu). The library doesn't use any specific code introduced in new Android SDK versions. This allows develop an application with an action/content swiping view for every version of Android from 2.2 and up.
  11. Android-NewPopupMenu Android-NewPopupMenu is an android library to create popup menu with GoogleMusic app-like style.
  12. android-floating-action-menu Floating Action Menu for Android. Inspired by the Google Plus floating menu.
  13. Android-CircleMenu Menu with items on a rotating circle
  14. Android Wheel Menu Simple and easy to use circular menu widget for Android.
  15. android-satellite-menu Android Satellite Menu
  16. SideNavigation Implementation of "SIde Navigation" or "Fly-in app menu" pattern for Android (based on Google+ app)
  17. AndroidResideMenu The idea of ResideMenu is from Dribbble 1 and 2. It has come true and run in iOS devices. iOS ResideMenu This project is the RefsideMenu Android version. The visual effect is partly referred to iOS version of ResideMenu. And thanks to the authors for the above idea and contribution.
  18. GoogleNavigationDrawerMenu Android Library for a DrawerLayout similar to the one in Google Apps
  19. simple-side-drawer Simple library which enable you to add a drawer(slide-out) navigation to your android application
  20. BlurNavigationDrawer Android - Blur Navigation Drawer like Etsy app.
  21. ActionSheetForAndroid IOS UIActionSheet in Android
  22. BottomSheet One way to present a set of actions to a user is with bottom sheets, a sheet of paper that slides up from the bottom edge of the screen. Bottom sheets offer flexibility in the display of clear and simple actions that do not need explanation.
  23. Context-Menu.Android Context-Menu.Android
  24. Side-Menu.Android Side-Menu.Android
  25. Android-CircleMenu 自定义ViewGroup实现的圆形旋转菜单,支持跟随手指旋转以及快速旋转。 图标请勿商用。
  26. AndroidPullMenu An Android Library that allows users to pull down a menu and select different actions. It can be implemented inside ScrollView, GridView, ListView.
  27. FilterMenu An implemention of Filter Menu concept for android
  28. OverlayMenu Android Overlay Menu
  29. MultiCardMenu A multicard menu that can open and close with animation on android
  30. DropDownMenu DropDownMenu for Android,Filter the list based on multiple condition.
  31. Folder-ResideMenu An extension of ResideMenu
  32. SlideBottomPanel 底部划动菜单,滑动时背景图透明度渐变,支持嵌套 LiewView 或 ScrollView
  33. CustomMenu CustomMenu quickly realize about the menu
  34. BottomSheet BottomSheet style dialogs for Android
  35. FlowingDrawer swipe right to display drawer with flowing effects.
  36. Metaball-Menu A menu consisting of icons (ImageViews) and metaball bouncing selection to give a blob effect. Inspired by Material design
  37. TapBarMenu Simple library that helps creating a "Tap Bar" menu layout.
  38. FloatingNavigationView A Floating Action Button that shows an anchored Navigation View.
  39. FantasySlide 一个 DrawerLayout 的扩展,具有帅气的动画与创新的交互。一次手势完成滑出侧边栏与选择菜单。
  40. FragNav An Android library for managing multiple stacks of fragments
  41. hover A floating menu library for Android.


  1. QustomDialog a quick custom android dialog project
  2. Android-RateThisApp Android library to show "Rate this app" dialog
  3. AndroidSliderPreference Android library that allows applications to add dialog-based slider widgets to their settings
  4. L-Dialogs A small library replicating the new dialogs in android L.
  5. LicensesDialog LicensesDialog is an open source library to display licenses of third-party libraries in an Android app.
  6. android-styled-dialogs A simple library for styling Android dialogs in the Holo theme. It also removes boilerplate code for displaying simple dialogs.
  7. PostOffice This is a library for easily constructing Holo and Material Design Dialogs.
  8. sweet-alert-dialog Android版的SweetAlert,清新文艺,快意灵动的甜心弹框
  9. BlurDialogFragment Library project to display DialogFragment with a blur effect.
  10. dialogplus Simple,easy dialog for android
  11. spots-dialog Android AlertDialog with mowing dots progress indicator
  12. search-dialog An awesome and customizable search dialog with built-in search options.


  1. CommonPullToRefresh Android widget with pull to refresh for all the views,and support loadMore for ListView , RecyclerView, GridView and SwipeRefreshLayout.
  2. pinned-section-listview Easy to use ListView with pinned sections for Android.
  3. PullToRefresh-ListView A generic, customizable, open source Android ListView implementation that has 'Pull to Refresh' functionality.
  4. FlabbyListView Android library to display a ListView whose cells are not rigid but flabby and react to ListView scroll.
  5. XListView-Android ListView supports pull refresh and pull up to load more feature.
  6. PinterestListView Pinterest style ListView for Android
  7. android-pulltorefresh-and-loadmore android custom listview,with interaction pattern load more and pull to refresh to load data dinamically
  8. PinnedHeaderListView A ListView with pinned section headers for Android
  9. ParallaxScroll Parallax ScrollView and ListView for Android
  10. Android-HorizontalListView HorizontalListView is an Android ListView widget which scrolls in a horizontal manner (in contrast with the SDK-provided ListView which scrolls vertically).
  11. LinearListView Android library that allows you to bind a LinearLayout with a ListAdapter.
  12. ParallaxListView A Android ListView Demo with a parallax effect header like Path.
  13. PagedHeadListView Android boosted ListView supporting paginated header with a new material page indicator.
  14. PullZoomView An Android custom ListView and ScrollView with pull to zoom-in.
  15. HeaderListView Android ListView with sticky headers
  16. ListviewFilter Awesome Listview filter functionality in Android.
  17. android-accordion-view Simple ListView based Android AccordionView
  18. DragNDropList An easy to use Drag & Drop List for Android. Direct replacement of the android ListView.
  19. QuickReturn Android ListView that implements the QuickReturn UI pattern. Written from scratch with focus on performance.
  20. Android-HorizontalListView HorizontalListView is an Android ListView widget which scrolls in a horizontal manner
  21. ZrcListView 一个顺滑又漂亮的Android下拉刷新与加载更多列表组件。
  22. android-swipelistview An Android List View implementation with support for drawable cells and many other swipe related features
  23. android-pulltorefresh This project aims to provide a reusable pull to refresh widget for Android.
  24. StickyListHeaders An android library for section headers that stick to the top
  25. LazyList Lazy load of images in Android
  26. FloatingGroupExpandableListView An open source Android library that provides a floating group view at the top of the ExpandableListView
  27. PullSeparateListView 到顶部或底部时拉动,item分离效果
  28. Android-SlideExpandableListView A better ExpandableListView, with animated expandable views for each list item
  29. HorizontalVariableListView Horizontal list view for Android which allows variable items widths
  30. ListBuddies Android library to achieve in an easy way, the behaviour of the home page in the Expedia app, with a pair of auto-scroll circular parallax ListViews.
  31. Android-Tiling-ScrollView A tiling scrollview to display large picture (similar to iOS "CATiledLayer")
  32. PullScrollView 1.仿照新浪微博Android客户端个人中心的ScrollView,下拉背景伸缩回弹效果。 2.ScrollView仿IOS回弹效果。
  33. StickyScrollViewItems A small android library for tagging views inside a ScrollView as "sticky" making them stick to the top of the scroll container until a new sticky view comes and takes it's place
  34. Discrollview Scroll + discover = DiscrollView
  35. SwipeMenuListView SwipeMenuListView
  36. Android-ObservableScrollView Android library to observe scroll events on scrollable views.
  37. Pull-to-Refresh.Rentals-Android This project aims to provide a simple and customizable pull to refresh implementation. Made in Yalantis
  38. StikkyHeader This is a very simple library for Android that allows you to stick an header to a scrollable view and easly apply animation to it
  39. quickscroll Bringing extended scrolling features to Android's native ListView and ExpandableListView.
  40. FilterSelectorListView FilterSelectorListView is useful for making multiple selection with see selection on the top of ListView.
  41. Animated Expanding ListView Animated Expanding ListView provides a fancy animation on expanding or collapsing the content of a listview item.
  42. FanLayoutManager Using Fan Layout Manager you can implement the horizontal list, the items of which move like fan blades


  1. two-way-gridview An Android GridView that can be configured to scroll horizontally or vertically
  2. AsymmetricGridView Android ListView that mimics a GridView with asymmetric items. Supports items with row span and column span
  3. AndroidCoolDragAndDropGridView An example of a gridview with various column span items and drag and drop support like Google keep has
  4. GridViewHeader Android GridView with addHeader( View view ) function
  5. DynamicGrid Drag and drop GridView for Android
  6. PagingGridView A Paging GridView with the same behavior as PagingListView.
  7. DraggableGridView A drag-and-drop scrolling grid view for Android
  8. AndroidStaggeredGrid An Android staggered grid view which supports multiple columns with rows of varying sizes.
  9. StaggeredGridView A modified version of Android's experimental StaggeredGridView. Includes own OnItemClickListener and OnItemLongClickListener, selector, and fixed position restore.
  10. android-GridViewWithHeaderAndFooter GridView with Header and Footer
  11. DragExpandGrid 可展开,可拖动,可排序,可删除,固定更多的GridView


  1. SimpleRatingView A rating toggle for Android which switches between 3 rating levels: positive, neutral, and negative.


  1. ChipsLayoutManager ANDROID. ChipsLayoutManager (SpanLayoutManager). A custom layout manager for RecyclerView which mimicric TextView span behaviour, flow layouts behaviour with support of amazing recyclerView features
  2. RecyclerTabLayout An efficient TabLayout library implemented with RecyclerView.
  3. PullZoomRecyclerView A pull to zoom-in RecyclerView for android
  4. BeautifulParallax Beautify your RecyclerViews with a great parallax effect !
  5. sectioned-recyclerview Implement a multi-sectioned RecyclerView using a custom adapter interface.
  6. SuperSLiM A layout manager for the RecyclerView with interchangeable linear, grid, and staggered displays of views, all with configurable section headers including the sticky variety as specified in the material design docs.
  7. XRecyclerView a RecyclerView that implements pullrefresh and loadingmore can use it like a standard RecyclerView
  8. twoway-view RecyclerView made simple
  9. recyclerview-animators An Android library which easily add itemanimator to RecyclerView items.
  10. SuperRecyclerView Pumped up RecyclerView
  11. DynamicRecyclerView Set of plugable extenstions for Android RecyclerView
  12. android-advancedrecyclerview RecyclerView extension library which provides advanced features. (ex. Google's Inbox app like swiping, Play Music app like drag and drop sorting)
  13. UltimateRecyclerView A RecyclerView(advanced and flexible version of ListView) with refreshing,loading more,animation and many other features.
  14. RecyclerView-FlexibleDivider Android library providing simple way to control divider items of RecyclerView
  15. RecyclerView-MultipleViewTypesAdapter Android library defining adapter classes of RecyclerView to manage multiple view types
  16. header-decor A couple of sticky header decorations for android's recycler view.
  17. SectionedRecyclerView An adapter to create Android RecyclerViews with sections, providing headers and footers.
  18. RecyclerViewHeader Super fast and easy way to create header for Android RecyclerView
  19. sticky-headers-recyclerview This decorator allows you to easily create section headers for RecyclerViews using a LinearLayoutManager in either vertical or horizontal orientation.
  20. RecyclerItemDecoration ItemDecoration for RecyclerView using LinearLayoutManager
  21. Dividers Dividers is a simple Android library to create easy separators for your RecyclerViews
  22. recyclerview-binder Android Library for RecyclerView to manage order of items and multiple view types.
  23. SwipeMenuViewHolder 一个可以滑出条目操作菜单的RecycleView.ViewHolder 。
  24. RecyclerViewSwipeDismiss A very easy-to-use and non-intrusive implement of Swipe to dismiss for RecyclerView.
  25. HeaderAndFooterRecyclerView 支持addHeaderView、 addFooterView、以及分页加载数据的RecyclerView
  26. PowerfulRecyclerViewAdapter A Common RecyclerView.Adapter implementation which supports any kind of items and has useful data operating APIs such as remove,add,etc.
  27. RecyclerViewEnhanced Android Library to provide swipe, click and other functionality to RecyclerView.
  28. CircleRecyclerView the library is a loop RecyclerView, can show some effects when display
  29. epoxy Epoxy is an Android library for building complex screens in a RecyclerView.
  30. ShimmerRecyclerView A custom recycler view with shimmer views to indicate that views are loading.


  1. MaterialSearchView Cute library to implement SearchView in a Material Design Approach


  1. ViewPagerCards ViewPager cards inspired by Duolingo
  2. WoWoViewPager Optimized for scrolling app intros or making your CV app. Free and open source.
  3. Android-ViewPagerIndicator Paging indicator widgets compatible with the ViewPager from the Android Support Library and ActionBarSherlock. Originally based on Patrik Åkerfeldt's ViewFlow.
  4. ViewPagerExtensions A set of custom views for the ViewPager from the Android Support Package
  5. parallaxviewpager An easy-to-use ViewPager subclass with parallax background effect for Android apps.
  6. android-auto-scroll-view-pager Android auto scroll viewpager or viewpager in viewpager
  7. NumericPageIndicator Android - A ViewPager page indicator that displays the current page number and (optionally) the page count
  8. VerticalViewPager Vertical implementation of Android ViewPager
  9. FlycoPageIndicator A Page Indicator Lib is realized in a different way. Support for Android 2.2 and up.
  10. InfiniteViewPager Augment Android's ViewPager with wrap-around functionality.
  11. ViewPager3D Extension of Android ViewPager with a 3D swipe effect
  12. LoopingViewPager An android ViewPager extension allowing infinite scrolling
  13. SpringIndicator A spring indicator like Morning Routine guide.
  14. SpinningTabStrip SpinningTabStrip & SpinningViewPager are android extensions allowing infinite scrolling.
  15. Android-ScreenSlidePager Full screen slide pager to display images fetched from Internet by Picasso
  16. RecyclerViewPager A ViewPager implemention base on RecyclerView's code. Support fling operation like gallary.
  17. MultiViewPager The MultiViewPager is an extension of the support-v4 library's ViewPager that allows the pages to be wider or narrower than the ViewPager itself. It takes care of aligning the pages next to each other, and always keeping the selected page centered.
  18. HollyViewPager HollyViewPager
  19. SCViewPager A simple ViewPager extends that provide scroll based animation like Jazz Hands for iOS. Jazz Hands library provided by IFTTT :
  20. ExpandablePager ViewPager that slides vertically between 2 states (expanded and collapsed).
  21. ParallaxViewPager ViewPager页面切换视差效果
  22. BubbleTab Put some bubble in your tabs and give your apps a supa fresh style !


  1. ActionBarSherlock Action bar implementation which uses the native action bar on Android 4.0+ and a custom implementation on pre-4.0 through a single API and theme.
  2. TabBarView An Android Library to help you create actionbar tabs like "Capitaine train" app by Cyril Mottier
  3. android-extendedactionbar An example of how to extend the ActionBar under the status bar from the theme
  4. FadingActionBar Android library implementing a fading effect for the action bar, similar to the one found in the Play Music app
  5. GlassActionBar Android - a library that adds a glass-like effect to the action bar.


  1. TSnackBar Android Snackbar from the Top (similar to Crouton)


  1. Android-CircularRevealFragment A demo about how to show and hide fragments using the new Android Lollipop circle reveal transitions. Minimum API level is 21
  2. StatedFragment The library is documented in
  3. EtsyBlur EtsyBlur is an Android library that allows developers to easily add a glass-like effect implemented in the Etsy app.
  4. UIBlock 代替fragment的轻量级解耦UI的类


  1. ActivityStarter Android Library that provide simpler way to start the Activities with multiple arguments.
  2. CustomActivityOnCrash Android library that allows launching a custom activity when your app crashes, instead of showing the hated "Unfortunately, X has stopped" dialog.
  3. android-slidingactivity Android library which allows you to swipe down from an activity to close it.
  4. AwesomeSplash Awesome-looking customizable splash screen
  5. EasyIntro The flexible, easy to use, all in one app intro library for your Android project.
  6. TGOCMessagesActivity Flexible chat activity for Android.


  1. NavigationTabBar Navigation tab bar with colorful interactions.


  1. Crouton Context sensitive notifications for Android
  2. SuperToasts A library that extends the Android toast framework.
  3. Android-AppMsg In-layout notifications. Based on Toast notifications and article by Cyril Mottier
  4. MessageBar An Android Toast replacement, similar to the one seen in the GMail app.
  5. SnackBar toast-like alert pattern for Android
  6. loadtoast Pretty material design toasts with feedback animations
  7. pretty-toast This is quite simple toast library, that make it easier to show and create custom toast. Library provides Builder which can be used to create flexible custom Toast messages.

  1. TastyToast Make your native android toast look beautiful.


  1. MaterialPatternllockView Material Pattern Lockview is a View which inspired from Lollipop+ Pattern lock. This Project is still in work, More Options will be added as soon as possible. Some KeyFeature of this Library.
  2. PinLockView A clean, minimalistic, easy-to-use and highly customizable pin lock custom view for Android
  3. PinCodeView A custom view with keyboard and character display to be used for authentication
  4. PatternLockView An easy-to-use, customizable, Material Design complaint Pattern Lock view for Android


  1. ColorSeekBar A colorful SeekBar for picking color
  2. HoloCircleSeekBar A Circle SeekBar inspired by Android Holo ColorPicker designed by Marie Schweiz and developed by Lars Werkman.
  3. AndroidCircularSeekBar A circular seek bar for Android
  4. circularseekbar Custom circular SeekBar (Circle, Semi-circle, and Ellipse) View/Widget for Android
  5. StartPointSeekBar StartPointSeekBar is a custom view for the Android platform that makes it possible to have a SeekBar to have custom start point.
  6. SeekArc Circular SeekBar view for Android
  7. discreteSeekBar DiscreteSeekbar is my poor attempt to develop an android implementation of the Discrete Slider component from the Google Material Design Guidelines.
  8. android-comboseekbar seekbar with distinct values
  9. RangeSeekbar A seekbar contains two cursor(left and right). Multiple touch supported.
  10. SeekBarCompat A material based support library to bring consistent SeekBars in Android for API 16 and above.
  11. HorizontalWheelView Custom view for user input that models horizontal wheel controller.
  12. BubbleSeekBar 自定义SeekBar,进度变化由可视化气泡样式呈现
  1. RelativePopupWindow Android PopupWindow that can be easily located relative to anchor View.

Time View

  1. Timecon Easy-to-use animated clock icon
  2. Caldroid Caldroid is a fragment that display calendar with dates in a month. Caldroid can be used as embedded fragment, or as dialog fragment. User can also swipe left/right to navigate to different months.
  3. android-times-square Standalone Android widget for picking a single date from a calendar view.
  4. calendar-widget The Android calendar widget is home screen widget for your Android device. It displays a list of upcoming calendar events so that you can easily have a glimpse at your upcoming appointments.
  5. android-spinnerwheel Wheel-like spinner widget for Android
  6. Android-MonthCalendarWidget A simple example of a responsive Month Calendar app widget for Android
  7. android-betterpickers Android library for better Picker DialogFragments
  8. android-calendar-card Android calendar view (like card)
  9. DateSlider An alternative DatePicker for Android
  10. Android-Week-View Android Week View is an android library to display calendars (week view or day view) within the app. It supports custom styling.
  11. SilkCal Android calendar view inspired by Sunrise calendar and iOS7 stock calendar
  12. TimeRangePicker TimeRangePicker is a library which can be used to select a time range.
  13. MaterialDateTimePicker Pick a date or time on Android in style
  14. TimerView an android open source timer
  15. MaterialDateRangePicker A material Date Range Picker based on wdullaers MaterialDateTimePicker
  16. material-calendarview A Material design back port of Android's CalendarView
  17. CharacterPickerView 可实现三级联动的选择器,高仿iOS的滚轮控件
  18. CompactCalendarView An android library which provides a compact calendar view much like the one used in google calenders, following material design.
  19. material-calendar-view A calendar with pretty Material look, that runs on Android API 8+
  20. FlatTimeCollection Amazing Dynamic Time UI :clock1030: :hourglass: and More
  21. SublimePicker A material-styled android view that provisions picking of a date, time & recurrence option, all from a single user-interface.
  22. LightCalendarView A lightweight monthly calendar view for Android, fully written in Kotlin. Designed to meet the minimum demands for typical calendars.
  23. DateTimeRangePicker A date time range picker for android written in Kotlin


  1. ThreeDLayout A 3D Layout,When you use it warp other view,it can became a 3D view
  2. CompoundLayout It's an Android library that allows you to use Layout as RadioButton or CheckBox.
  3. RecyclerRefreshLayout A pull to refresh layout for android, the RecyclerRefreshLayout is based on the SwipeRefreshLayout. support all the views, highly customizable, code simplicity, etc
  4. MaterialLeanBack A beautiful leanback port for Smartphones and Tablets
  5. HoldToLoadLayout HoldToLoadLayout is a view group that can contain a single child. It draws your child to middle of layout, and performs loading wheel around it with settings you determined.
  6. flexbox-layout Flexbox for Android
  7. CursorWheelLayout An Android Widget for selecting items that rotate on a wheel.
  8. SwipeRevealLayout A layout that you can swipe/slide to show another layout.
  9. BGARefreshLayout-Android 开发者使用BGARefreshLayout-Android可以对各种控件实现多种下拉刷新效果、上拉加载更多以及配置自定义头部广告位
  10. BGASwipeItemLayout-Android 类似iOS带弹簧效果的左右滑动控件,可作为AbsListView和RecyclerView的item(作为AbsListView的item时的点击事件参考代码家的 )
  11. DragLinearLayout Android LinearLayout with drag and drop to reorder.
  12. Android-MosaicLayout-v0.1 Mosaiclayout is android layout to display group of views in more that 92 different patterns.
  13. FoldableLayout Android widgets to implement folding animation
  14. ScalableLayout Scalable Layout For Android
  15. FlipLayout Android Flip 3D Animation like web Google+
  16. FlowLayout Android implementation of FlowLayout. Layout arranges its children in multiple rows depending on their width.
  17. CircleLayout Circular layout for android
  18. CircleLayout An Android layout for arranging children along a circle
  19. ResideLayout An Android Layout which has a same function like
  20. GooglePlusLayout GoolgePlusLayout is a custom layout that plays animation on the children views while scrolling as the layout in the Google Plus (android) main page
  21. android-empty-layout A library for showing different types of layouts when a list view is empty
  22. ImageLayout Android - A layout that arranges its children in relation to a background image
  23. android-flowlayout Linear layout, that wrap its content to the next line if there is no space in the current line.
  24. AndroidSwipeLayout The Most Powerful Swipe Layout!
  25. FreeFlow A layout engine for Android that decouples layouts from the View containers that manage scrolling and view recycling. FreeFlow makes it really easy to create custom layouts and beautiful transition animations as data and layouts change
  26. SwipeableLayout A swipeable - auto resizing view group for android
  27. SwipeBackLayout An Android library that help you to build app with swipe back gesture.
  28. android_maskable_layout A library that easily allows you to mask layouts/viewgroups
  29. android-gridlayout A backwards compatible implementation of GridLayout for Android
  30. DragLayout An Android Project
  31. ExpandableLayout Implementation of ExpandableListview with custom header and custom content.
  32. android-PullRefreshLayout This component like SwipeRefreshLayout, it is more beautiful than SwipeRefreshLayout.
  33. DragTopLayout Drag down to show a view on the top.
  34. shadow-layout Android Shadow Layout
  35. SmartTabLayout A custom ViewPager title strip which gives continuous feedback to the user when scrolling
  36. ArcLayout A very simple arc layout library
  37. Scrollable Android scrollable tabs
  38. RearrangeableLayout An android layout to re-arrange child views via dragging
  39. BGAFlowLayout Android流式布局,可配置是否将每一行的空白区域平均分配给子控件。
  40. JellyRefreshLayout A pull-down-to-refresh layout inspired by Lollipop overscrolled effects
  41. Dragger The library was created in order to provide new animations for activities on Android.
  42. PrismView PrismView provides animations for your views, similar to Dragger, but with fragments! You can change the fragment of the PrismView any time.
  43. BeerSwipeRefresh This project aims to provide a reusable Swipe to Refresh widget for Android.
  44. SuperSwipeRefreshLayout A Custom SwipeRefreshLayout
  45. Android-RatioLayout This is a specified proportion to the size of the Layout or View support library, with which you can easily set a fixed ratio of the size of the Layout or View, internal adaptive size calculation, completely abandon the code to calculate the size! If you have any questions in the course or suggestions, please send an e-mail to the following e-mail, thank you!
  46. AndroidAutoHideHeader A layout that hide the header when the body is scrolled down and reveal it when the header is scrolled up
  47. PhysicsLayout Android layout that simulates physics using JBox2D
  48. FabTransitionLayout Provides the Floating Action Button Transition as specified in the Material Design Guide in a simple library.
  49. Android-MaterialDeleteLayout Maetrial Design Delete Concept Implement
  50. smooth-app-bar-layout Smooth version of Google Support Design AppBarLayout
  51. BlurZoomGallery Extended CoordinatorLayout, that helps creating background galleries.
  52. android-linear-layout-manager Implementation of LinearLayoutManager which wraps its contents.
  53. ScrollDownLayout A custom Android Widget,support u use ViewPager in a ScrollView or ListView。
  54. Search-View-Layout [BETA] Search View Layout like Lollipop Dialler
  55. FlycoTabLayout An Android TabLayout Lib has two kinds of TabLayout at present.
  56. NodeFlow NodeFlow is an Android library that provides a simple way to visualize hierarchical content.
  57. FoldingCell FoldingCell is an expanding content cell inspired by folding paper material
  58. BubbleLayout Bubble View for Android.
  59. BubbleAnimationLayout You don’t want your apps look and feel boring, do you? Add some bubbles!
  60. BufferTextInputLayout A simple customised version of the TextInputLayout from the Android Design Support Library
  61. ParticleDismissLayout Effect of particle Boom. 视图碎裂效果
  62. Vorolay VoronoiView is a view (ViewGroup) that allows you to add and display views inside Voronoi diagram regions.
  63. ** Android Activity 滑动返回


  1. CollapsingAvatarToolbar Collapsing Toolbar with a moving avatar for Android.
  2. FABToolbar An implementation of Google design, with Floating Action Button transforming into toolbar.


  1. video-crop Android Video Crop
  2. Android-ScalableVideoView Android Texture VideoView having a variety of scale types like the scale types of ImageView such as fitCenter, centerCrop, centerTopCrop and more
  3. UniversalVideoView UniversalVideoView is a Android widget helps playing video easier, which is similar with the Android system native VideoView, but with more Media Controller customization.(


  1. AirMapView A view abstraction to provide a map user interface with various underlying map providers
  2. Google Maps Android API utility library This open-source library contains classes that are useful for a wide range of applications using the Google Maps Android API.
  3. MapScaleView Scale bar for Google Maps Android API.


  1. Takt Takt is Android library for measuring the FPS using Choreographer.


  1. AndroidTagGroup :four_leaf_clover:A beautiful android tag group widget.
  2. AndroidTagView A TagView library for Android. Customize your own & Drag effect.
  3. HashTagHelper This is a library designed for highlighting hashtags ("#example") and catching click on them.
  4. Android TagView Android TagView-HashTagView
  5. TagCloudView 支持 SingleLine 模式的标签云效果,轻松实现知乎问题话题列表
  6. Android-Cloud-TagView-Plus An Android Cloud Tag Widget. You can edit the tag's style, and set listener of selecting or deleting tag.
  7. android-tagview Simple android view to display list of colorful tags efficiently.
  8. 3dTagCloudAndroid A tagcloud component implemenation to android


  1. XhsEmoticonsKeyboard 也许是最良心的开源表情键盘解决方案。
  2. AndroidKeyboardWatcher Software keyboard open/close watcher for Android.


  1. safe-java-js-webview-bridge 为WebView中的Java与JavaScript提供【安全可靠】的多样互通方案
  2. Android-AdvancedWebView Enhanced WebView component for Android that works as intended out of the box


  1. Carousel-Notification Carousel-Notification lets you make carousel type notification where user can navigate within the notification


  1. TagViewGroup Android 仿小红书图片标签,实现了图片标签的动画,布局,水波纹,编辑等功能,还可以自定义 Tag。
  2. EasyFlipView A quick and easy flip view through which you can create views with two sides like credit cards, poker cards etc.
  3. Thermometer Android Thermometer Widget.
  4. RMSwitch A simple and customizable two or three states Switch View
  5. Audiogram Lightweight audio wave component
  6. TumblrLikeAnimView 仿Tumblr点赞动画效果
  7. MaterialScrollBar An Android library that brings the Material Design 5.1 sidebar to pre-5.1 devices.
  8. ScratchView ScratchView repo is UX Design involving scratch cards like views which are scratched to reveal the information they conceal.
  9. MaryPopup Expand your view with no problem ;)
  10. MiladBadgeView simple and useful BadgeView for android
  11. SwipeableCard A simple implementation of swipe card like StreetView
  12. BGABanner-Android Splash界面滑动导航+各种切换动画自动轮播效果
  13. BGABadgeView-Android Android徽章控件
  14. TriangleLabelView Show triangle view.
  15. SwipeSelector A nicer-looking, more intuitive and highly customizable alternative for radio buttons and dropdowns for Android.
  16. Emoji A simple library to add Emoji support to your Android Application. In a PopupWindow Emojis can be chosen. In order to edit and display text with Emojis this library provides public APIs: EmojiEditText & EmojiTextView.
  17. BottomBar A custom view component that mimicks the new Material Design Bottom Navigation pattern.
  18. CubeGrid Cube grid animation about the android.
  19. SwipeStack A simple, customizable and easy to use swipeable view stack for Android.
  20. BrokenView Glass-break effect for views.
  21. AndroidTagView An Android TagView library. You can customize awesome TagView by using this library.
  22. GalleryFinal Android自定义相册,实现了拍照、图片选择(单选/多选)、 裁剪(单/多裁剪)、旋转、ImageLoader无绑定任由开发者选择、功能可配置、主题样式可配置。GalleryFinal为你定制相册。
  23. DragGooView A wonderful feature to clear the unread reminder
  24. AudioWaves Shows a graphic representation of the sounds captured by the microphone on Android
  25. Swipecards A Tinder-like Android library to create the swipe cards effect. You can swipe left or right to like or dislike the content.
  26. Android SlideShow Widget A set of widgets to create smooth slide shows with ease.
  27. AndroidWheel Custom wheel widget for android
  28. range-bar Android widget for selecting a range of values.
  29. TileView The TileView widget is a subclass of ViewGroup that provides a mechanism to asynchronously display tile-based images, with additional functionality for 2D dragging, flinging, pinch or double-tap to zoom, adding overlaying Views (markers), built-in Hot Spot support, dynamic path drawing, multiple levels of detail, and support for any relative positioning or coordinate system.
  30. android-switch-backport A backport of the Switch widget ( that was introduced on Android 4. This port works on Android 2.1+.
  31. material-animated-switch A material Switch with icon animations and color transitions
  32. android-bootstrap A template/bootstrap/boilerplate application that includes tons of great open source tools and frameworks.
  33. cardslib Android Library to build a UI Card
  34. AndroidSlidingUpPanel Android Sliding Up Panel Demo
  35. android-viewflow A horizontal view scroller library for Android
  36. android-viewbadger A simple way to "badge" any given Android view at runtime without having to cater for it in layout
  37. DraggablePanel Android library used to create an awesome Android UI based on a draggable element similar to the last YouTube graphic component.
  38. android-stackblur Android StackBlur is a library that can perform a blurry effect on a Bitmap based on a gradient or radius, and return the result. The library is based on the code of Mario Klingemann.
  39. StickyGridHeaders An Android Library that makes it easy to make grid views with sectioned data and headers that stick to the top.
  40. AndroidViewHover An elegant way to show your menu or messages.
  41. SystemBarTint Apply background tinting to the Android system UI when using KitKat translucent modes
  42. chromeview Android WebView implementation that uses the latest Chromium code
  43. android-iconify Integration of FontAwesome for Android
  44. StandOut StandOut lets you easily create floating windows in your Android app.
  45. android-sliding-layer-lib This repository host a library that provides an easy way to include an autonomous layer/view that slides from the side of your screen and which is fully gesture ready, the same way as our detail view in Wunderlist 2 does. This pattern can also be seen in Google+’s notification center or in Basecamp’s detail view.
  46. Android-SwipeToDismiss Android swipe-to-dismiss mini-library and sample code
  47. HoloColorPicker An Android Holo themed colorpicker designed by Marie Schweiz
  48. Lobsterpicker The library is offering a dialog with all shades of material design colors
  49. UnifiedPreference UnifiedPreference is a library for working with all versions of the Android Preference package from API v4 and up.
  50. aFileChooser Android library that provides a file explorer to let users select files on external storage.
  51. NewQuickAction Android QuickAction
  52. android-uitableview Library and example project on how to use the UITableView component
  53. Android-ProgressFragment Implementation of the fragment with the ability to display indeterminate progress indicator when you are waiting for the initial data.
  54. android-pdfview A fast PDF reader component for Android development
  55. Android-Pdf-Viewer-Library Pdf Viewer library for Android
  56. QuiltViewLibrary Android Quilt View Library
  57. Android-UndoBar An implementation of Android's Undo Bar as seen in Google's Gmail app.
  58. Android-ScrollBarPanel Android-ScrollBarPanel allows to attach a View to a scroll indicator like it's done in Path 2.0
  59. ScrollBarPanelWithClock Path like scrollbar panel with clock.
  60. changeloglib Android Library to display your changelog
  61. android-FlipView A small, easy to use android library for implementing flipping between views as seen in the popular Flipboard application
  62. discreet-app-rate A lightweight non intrusive app rate reminder for Android
  63. KenBurnsView Android ImageViews animated by Ken Burns Effect
  64. UndoBar The UI component for Android advanced UI pattern undo-bar, used in Gmail app, create by roman nurik
  65. FancyCoverFlow A cool Open Source CoverFlow view for Android with several fancy effects.
  66. AppRater AppRater Library for Android
  67. Android-ActionItemBadge This library offers a simple method to add a small badge icon to your ActionBar-MenuItem
  68. poppyview Android library implementing a poppy view on scroll, similar to the one found in the Google Plus app
  69. android-segmented-control ios7 UISegmentedControl for android
  70. IconicDroid IconicDroid is a custom Android Drawable which allows to draw icons from several iconic fonts.
  71. ParallaxPager Add some depth to your Android scrolling.
  72. AndroidPinning A standalone library project for certificate pinning on Android.
  73. WizardPager Wizard Pager is a library that provides an example implementation of a Wizard UI on Android, it's based of Roman Nurik's wizard pager
  74. android-visualizer Takes the input from the Android MediaPlayer and displays visualizations, like in iTunes or WinAmp
  75. ExpandablePanel Android library for creating an expandable to full screen view inside a viewgroup composition.
  76. NiftyNotification effects for android notifications.base on (Crouton)
  77. GlowPadBackport A backport of the Android 4.2 GlowPadView that works on the SDK on API levels 4+
  78. CustomLoading custom loading for android
  79. chromium_webview Android WebView wrapper based on chromium
  80. MagicViews Set custom font in Android application
  81. TableFixHeaders Android library that implements a table with fixed headers.
  82. FloatingNotification Floating Notification for Android app - Facebook ChatHeads Notification system
  83. android-slideshow-widget A set of widgets to create smooth slideshows with ease.
  84. HanselAndGretel Android library providing bread crumbs to the support library fragments.
  85. ChromaHashView A classic password visualization concept, ported to Android
  86. Android-DirectoryChooser A directory chooser library for Android.
  87. WheelView An Android Widget for selecting items that rotate on a wheel.
  88. RippleView View that imitates Ripple Effect on click which was introduced in Android L (for Android 2.3+)
  89. GaugeView An Android library for drawing gauges on Canvas.
  90. ATableView Create iOS-like tables (UITableView) for Android, using UIKit object model.
  91. Android-RecurrencePicker Google Calendar Recurrence picker
  92. ActionSheetForAndroid IOS UIActionSheet in Android
  93. ckChangeLog ckChangeLog - An Android Library to display a Change Log
  94. android-floatinglabel-widgets Floating label input widgets
  95. MarkdownView MarkdownView is an Android webview with the capablity of loading Markdown text or file and display it as HTML, it uses MarkdownJ and extends Android webview.
  96. NoNonsense-FilePicker A file/directory-picker for android. Implemented as a library project.
  97. PopoverView A Popover Controller for Android Tablets. It's an easy solution to simulate an iOS UIPopoverController
  98. slideuppane A pane that slide up from the bottom of an android view
  99. SwipeBack SwipeBack for Android Activities to do pretty the same as the android "back-button" will do, but in a really intuitive way by using a swipe gesture
  100. ShowTipsView Highligth specific points of interest of your app
  101. FancyCoverFlow A cool Open Source CoverFlow view for Android with several fancy effects.
  102. WheelView Android滚动选择控件
  103. CurtainView An android view,which can layer on any gravity for swiping.
  104. android-pathview Android view with both path from constructed path or from svg.
  105. DrawableView A view that allows to paint and saves the result as a bitmap
  106. AndroidNotificationJson Convert JSON to Android Notification, useful for push notifications (GCM)
  107. PugNotification A powerful library for creating notifications in android platform.
  108. ValueBar A beautiful Android custom View that works similar to a range or seekbar. With animations.
  109. CircleDisplay Android View for displaying and selecting values in a circle-shaped View, with animations and touch gestures.
  110. android-shapeLoadingView 高仿新版58 加载动画
  111. Decor Android layout decorators : Injecting custom attributes in layout files, Using decorators to get rid of class explosion with multiple custom views.
  112. AndroidTreeView AndroidTreeView. TreeView implementation for android
  113. SHSegmentControl segmentcontrol widget for android
  114. ElasticDownload Download Custom view with animation.
  115. CircularCounter Circular Counter is an Android Widget I needed to implement for an application I was developing. As it could be useful to more people, I tried to make it generic enough to share and be used by others.
  116. MarkView An android custom view that displays a circle with a colored arc given a mark.
  117. pugnotification A powerful library for creating notifications in android platform.
  118. android-json-form-wizard Android Material Json Form Wizard is a library for creating beautiful form based wizards within your app just by defining json in a particular format.
  119. FlippableStackView An Android library introducing a stack of Views with the first item being flippable (on dragging down).
  120. ShadowViewHelper Shadow layout, shadow view for android.
  121. velocimeter-view A velocimeter View for Android
  122. AppIntro Make a cool intro for your Android app.
  123. ExpandableSelector ExpandableSelector is an Android library created to show a list of Button/ImageButton widgets inside a animated container which can be collapsed or expanded.
  124. voice-recording-visualizer Simple Visualizer from mic input for Android.
  125. TourGuide TourGuide is an Android library that aims to provide an easy way to add pointers with animations over a desired Android View
  126. Header-View Create an header for
  127. CreditCardView CreditCardView is an Android library that allows developers to create the UI which replicates an actual Credit Card.
  128. AndroidGlitterView A view to show bling bling stars when you touch it.
  129. SortableTableView An Android library containing a simple TableView and an advanced SortableTableView providing a lot of customisation possibilities to fit all needs.
  130. hsv-alpha-color-picker-android This library implements a color picker and a color preference for use in Android applications.
  131. Android-SpeedyViewSelector This is a change Background Or TextColor Selector support library, with which you can directly specify the Background to be displayed in different states or TextColor Layout xml, such as clicking the button effect, the conventional practice is to create Selector xml file in drawable directory but when the project becomes larger when the file bac…
  132. InteractivePlayerView Custom android music player view.
  133. tooltip-view Dead simple Android Tooltip Views
  134. Android-TrackingRingWidget It's a tracking activity ring widget like in Apple watch for Android.
  135. PinView A Pin view widget for Android
  136. CamView Android component to display live preview from the device camera and provide preview data for any external decoding processes
  137. AndroidSweetSheet 一个富有动感的Sheet(选择器)
  138. SlidingCard Sliding cards with pretty gallery effects.
  139. DraggableView Draggable views with rotation and skew/scale effects.
  140. ChatMessageView ChatMessageView helps you to create chat message view quickly like a typical chatting application.
  141. SnailBar A lovely ,you can use it as a seekbar or progressbar.
  142. PickerUI Android library to display a list of items for pick one
  143. StickerView 单手操作图片控件 镜像、置顶、缩放、移动
  144. DraggableFlipView An Android View library that flips while dragging.
  145. WindowView Android ImageView you pan by tilting your device.
  146. RadarScanView android下自定义View之雷达扫描 The Radar (Scanning) View on Android 当扫描到对象的时候,通过水波纹的方式显示扫描到的对象,可以动态的随机添加,并且扫描到的对象是可以点击的……
  147. SegmentedBarView Custom UI control for android which is showing data as a segments and a value inside them.
  148. PinterestView Pinterest like awesome menu control for Android
  149. FabricView A new canvas drawing library for Android
  150. Android-TopScrollHelper Android-TopScrollHelper
  151. ShortcutBadger The ShortcutBadger makes your Android App show the count of unread messages as a badge on your App shortcut!
  152. snake Snake View is a simple and animated linear chart for Android.
  153. CountdownView Android 倒计时控件
  154. HighlightTextEditor HighlightTextEditor An android HighlightTextEditor
  155. debugoverlay A tiny window overlay to log app internal on top of your android app
  156. AndroidSwipeableCardStack A tinder like swipeable card stack component
  157. IntegrationPreference Preference widget that automatically detects dependency applications and installs them by openning Play Store.
  158. TinderView Created A Simple and Beautiful Tinder like card deck & Captain Train like toolbar.
  159. FlycoLabelView A Simple Android LabelView.
  160. EntryScreenManager Intro/Walkthrough/Starting/Entry Screens.
  161. SearchableSpinner Spinner with searchable items.
  162. velocimeter-view A velocimeter View for Android
  163. Popup-Dismiss-Catchable-Spinner A custom Spinner to which you could set listener for popup dismissal event.
  164. AnimatedSvgView Animated SVG Drawing for Android
  165. MultipleStatusView 一个支持多种状态的自定义View,可以方便的切换到:加载中视图、错误视图、空数据视图、网络异常视图、内容视图。
  166. AndroidExpandingViewLibrary This is a library to help creating expanding views with animation in Android
  167. material-tip Android Library for prompt tip
  168. StepView Step by step,just use stepviewIndicator,step indicator,flow indicator,timeline
  169. DashboardView Android 自定义View 仪表盘
  170. StackOverView a custom widget of android,like task manager of android 5.0.
  171. TEmptyView Just a Wheel——A easy way to setEmptyView to ListView、GridView or RecyclerView etc..
  172. Popview-Android Pop animation with circular dust effect for any view updation
  173. PaperShredder a PaperShredder view for android
  174. Blur 高斯模糊库,四种模糊方式
  175. SpeedView Dynamic Speedometer UI for Android :zap:
  176. TargetView Animation View to Highlight particular Views :dart:
  177. FogView_Library FogView is a android library that can show fog on any layout and the fog removes when user rubs it.
  178. MaterialTapTargetPrompt Material Design tap target for Android.
  179. BlurredView Dynamic blur of image views for Android
  180. codeview-android Show code content with syntax highlighting in native way.
  181. TutoShowcase A simple and Elegant Showcase view for Android
  182. TapTargetView An implementation of tap targets from the Material Design guidelines for feature discovery
  183. WaveSideBar You can use WaveSideBar in the contacts page of your application.
  184. FlipShare It's a cool way to show share widget.
  185. ScratchView This is a android custom view , like a scratch card effect!
  186. CreditSesameRingView Imitation of Ali credit sesame new old ring view.
  187. FiftyShadesOf An elegant context-care loading placeholder for Android
  188. PlaceHolderView A wrapper for android recyclerview and contains stacked view
  189. FreshDownloadView FreshDownloadView is a java library for Android,It's a good way to show download progress with a cool animtion.some inspiration are from Dribbble
  190. MultiStateView Android View that displays different content based on its state
  191. RealtimeBlurView It's just a realtime blurring overlay like iOS UIVisualEffectView.
  192. SnowingView 一个看起来还不错的下雪动画。
  193. DotMatrixView An Android custom view to display digits rendered as dots in a grid, with a style like a 1970s LED clock.
  194. ZGDanmaku android danmaku/danmu/tanmu implemented/renderered by opengl/opengles 2.0
  195. RadarChart 一个可以自由定制、旋转交互的Android雷达图Lib
  196. FloatingView FloatingView can make the target view floating above the anchor view with cool animation
  197. Android-PickerView 仿iOS的PickerView控件,有时间选择和选项选择并支持一二三级联动效果
  198. ENViews A cool dynamic view library
  199. Android-3DTouch-PeekView Simple and powerful library to emulate iOS's "3D Touch" preview functionality on Android.
  200. DrawView Android view that allows the user to create drawings. Customize settings like color, width or tools. Undo or redo actions.
  201. segmentedview ios风格的分段控件,类似 UISegmentedControl
  202. WheelPicker Simple and fantastic wheel view in realistic effect for android.
  203. DragScaleCircleView a custom view that provides dragged and scaled
  204. EmojiRain Implement a simple and funny Android animation —— the emoji rain in WeChat app.
  205. WindView WindView is an Android Library to show Weather's Wind & pressure Status
  206. TapTargetView An implementation of tap targets from the Material Design guidelines for feature discovery
  207. FreeDrawView A View on which you can freely draw, customizing paint width, alpha and color, and take a screenshot of the content. Useful for note apps, signatures or free hand writing.
  208. android-snowfall Fully customizable implementation of "Snowfall View" on Android.
  209. PathAnimView 用于做Path动画的自定义View。
  210. TimelineView Customzable TimelineView for Android
  211. SuperIndicator a superindicatorlibray for viewpager, banner 仿爱奇艺视频,腾讯视频,搜狐视频首页推荐位轮播图
  212. QingtingBannerView 仿蜻蜓FM轮播banner
  213. ChatMessageView Chat UI library for Android
  214. Dali An image blur library for Android. It contains several modules for static blurring, live blurring and animations.
  215. cameraview CameraView aims to help Android developers easily integrate Camera features.

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